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(I work in a craft store and at the moment we have certain items on sale but some of them don’t ring up correctly so we have to manually type them in. Sometimes the price that gets taken off can be a bit confusing. It looks like this: $5.45-.)

Customer: I think this item is part of the 75% off sale.

Me: Yes it is, but it’s not ringing up correctly. I’ll just type it in manually. (Types in correct price.)

Customer: Oh I don’t want it.

Me: Excuse me?

Customer: If it’s that much I don’t want it.

Me (realizing she must not have seen the minus symbol): Oh, no, that’s MINUS that price.

Customer: I don’t want it.

Me: Ok I’ll just take that off for you.

Customer (While ringing up the rest of her order): I thought it was going to be *lower price*

Me: It was ma’am. I said that wasn’t the price and it’d be lower than that.

Customer: Oh then I want it!

(About 10 minutes later I clocked out for break and was standing in line to purchase some items. The same lady came up behind me.)

Customer: Are you leaving?

Me: No I’m just checking out. I’m on break.

Customer: Oh ok. (Jumps in line in front of me.)

Co worker: Ma’am, I need to take her first. She was in line in front of you.

Customer: Oh, ok.