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This has happened on multiple occasions where customers come into CVS instead of the Walgreens a mile up the road.

Me: Hi can I help you find something?

Customer: Yah, you guys are holding a gazebo for me. I am here to pick it up.

I know that our store did not get gazebos this year so I was confused.

Me: Are you sure you called this store? Our location did not get gazebos this year.

Customer: I think so let me look up the number.

The number she shows me number is not our store number. I check the list we have of other stores and no luck. I google the number and it is for the Walgreens up the street.

Me: This number is for Walgreens

Customer: Well, what store is this?


Customer: What’s the difference?

Me: *sighs* The store you are looking for is up the road, they have your gazebo.

After what felt like an eternity of her trying to process this information she finally just left without a word. Hopefully she went to go find her gazebo. There is a Rite Aid in the same plaza as the Walgreens, so she probably will go there before finally getting to the correct store.