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(I work at a fast food restaurant. We get busy doing the mornings. I work over night but the manager asked me to cover for the opener. I was working both drive threw windows by myself. This happens one busy morning.)

Me: Welcome to [place]. How can I help you?
Person: I’ll have [food]
Me: Okay. First window.
Person: Listen. I come in every day and you always get my order wrong. I want it done right.
Me: (already annoyed because this man is yelling at me for no reason.) I’m sorry they got your order wrong but I don’t work this shift. I’ll let the manager know.
Person: No! It was you! You always get my order wrong. Get it right! (He starts clapping in my face) if you can’t do this simple job, find a new one!
(I calmly tell him next window and ask my manager to give him his food. I just couldn’t do it any more. She later told me that he tried to get me fired but she told him I don’t work that shift so there was no way she’s firing me. This guy comes in every day and starts yelling.)