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(One night, a truck driver comes into the store with some corporate checks, and wants to put all four checks on one transaction for diesel fuel. This is not difficult to do in most cases, it is just time consuming. In this particular instance, the fourth check comes back as invalid, and I have to call the check company to get it cleared through our system. The entire transaction ends up taking about ten minutes. The customer has been very polite, and goes out to pump his fuel when it goes through. Several minutes later, he comes back in, talking on his phone, while getting coffee. I have moved from behind the counter and am making coffee, and I overhear his half of the conversation.)

Driver: (In Spanish) I don’t know what her problem was… I have never seen a transaction take that long. She obviously is an idiot who didn’t know what she was doing…

(Note: I speak Spanish, but no one could tell that by looking at me, as I am very obviously a “gringa,” six feet tall, with red hair.)

Driver: (Looks right at me, still talking in Spanish on his phone.) No, she finally got it through, but they need to train their cashiers better… that shouldn’t have taken ten minutes.

(I smile at him, seeing he’s done getting his coffee. I walk up to the counter to ring him up, and decide to let him know that I understood what he was saying. I do so in the most polite way I can think of.)

Me: (Rings up his coffee, smiles, looks him in the eyes.) ¿Algo más? (“Anything else?”)

Driver: (Hangs up phone, eyes get wide.) No, beautiful. (Takes coffee and hurries off like his feet caught fire.)

Coworker: (Once driver is out the door, busts out laughing.) Serves him right!