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(I am a receptionist at a very slow office. Most of our inbound phone calls are wrong numbers, and this conversation happens multiple times a day)

Me *upon answering the phone*: “Thank you for calling [Name of Company], this is [Name] speaking, how may I help you?”
Person on Phone: “Hi, I was looking to see if I can contribute money to my ARFK account…”
Me: “Ma’am, are you looking for a bank? This is a real estate office.”
Person on phone: “No, I’m not looking for a bank, I just want to know if I can contribute money to my ARFK account this year since I haven’t done that lately…”
Me: “I understand that, but this is a REAL ESTATE agency. I don’t know what an ARFK account is unless it involves one of our agents assisting you in buying or selling a house.”
Person on phone: “Oh, this isn’t the bank? I thought I dialed [Extremely Wrong Number].”
Me: *internally hitting my head on my desk* “No, our number is [Number]. This happens all the time, don’t feel too bad about it. Have a nice day!”
Person on phone: “I have no idea how this happened. *hangs up*”