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I used to think some stories on Not Always Right were fake, there’s no way people would say some of the things I read. After what I witnessed yesterday, I know it’s not fake! I was another customer waiting for my sandwich to be ready for pickup and witnessed this:

Customer approaching counter: “My friend just picked up a sandwich for me and it’s on the wrong bread. It was supposed to be [type of bread] but it’s white! I would never order white bread!!”
Deli worker: “I asked the woman what kind of bread the sandwich should be on, and she said white.”
Customer: “I would never order white!! Your menu is very confusing. See, your sandwiches are listed as ‘[Type of Bread]’ sandwiches, so they should be on that kind of bread!!”
Deli worker: “The name of this deli is [Type of Bread] Deli. That’s all that means. You still get to choose whatever kind of bread you want.”
Customer: “Well just because that makes sense to you, doesn’t mean it’s clear to customers! It’s confusing!!”
Deli worker, gesturing toward menu on wall: “See, it clearly says what you can choose from.”
Customer: “Well we had the to-go menu. I’m the customer and you should give me what I want!!”
Deli worker, with great patience: “Would you like me to give you a couple slices of pumpernickel bread?”
Customer: “Yes. Can I get some mustard too?”

(For the record, both the menu on the wall and the to-go menu were completely clear, and the staff asked me what kind of bread I wanted too. I got exactly what I asked for, just like the person who ordered this bad customer’s sandwich.)

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