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(A coworker and I are working the sandwich station at a large deli, both of us busy as we are in the middle of the lunch rush. A customer comes up as we are both making sandwiches.)

Customer: (to my coworker) Hi, can I get a sandwich?

Coworker: Sure! Just go ahead and fill out a sandwich form and we’ll get that going for you.

(While my coworker didn’t sound super peppy-happy, she didn’t sound angry either; she just sounded normal, if anything maybe a bit tired. Nonetheless, the customer glared at her like my coworker just cussed her out.)

Customer: Oh never mind, I wouldn’t want to bother you! (She leaves in a huff. My coworker and I exchange glances.)

Coworker: What was that about?

(I later end up helping the same customer without incident over at the salad bar. After I finish getting her items)

Customer: (indicating my coworker, still angry) What’s her name?

(Very reluctantly, I tell her. She gives my coworker another death glare, and walks off.

My coworker is actually super sweet and sensitive, and was pretty upset about the whole encounter, asking me over and over if her tone had been too harsh, and I reassured her that it really wasn’t. I was prepared to back her up if my
coworker got a complaint, though surprisingly it didn’t seem like she did.)