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So I work in this small, locally owned retail store, and have been there for about six years now. I’m 23 years old, but look much younger than I really am (I look about 15 or 16). I have a young daughter is six years old, and my husband and I are expecting twin girls in about two months. I have several regulars who come in and want me to help them and one day I couldn’t find a babysitter for my daughter when I was called in unexpectedly so I asked my boss if I could bring her in and let her play behind the counter. She said sure so I brought her in. All my customers said all these things like “Aww, she’s cute” and what’s her name?” and seemed pretty accepting of her being there, and that she would sometimes wa see over and ask me stuff and watch them shop. But there was this one older lady, about 60 years old who came in just as I was starting to close up. I hear the bell ring, but since it’s after close, I assume it’s the owner and don’t turn around.
My daughter had just fallen asleep and I had just picked her up to move her from the floor to a chair do that I could clean up her toys (it’s nearly 10 at night by this point and she and I had been there at least five hours. I’m also seven months pregnant with twins) and as I’m holding her, and you could clearly see she’s asleep -the lady bangs on the counter really loud to get my attention and startles her awake. She begins to cry (I would have too- you’re sleeping peacefully when your startled awake by a loud bang out of nowhere) so my first thought is to calm her down before helping the lady because with her crying in my ear I can’t hear anything else. It only took me a few minutes to get her calmed down and I turn back to the lady who is drumming her fingers on the counter, clearly impatient. (Bear in mind, we are technically closed, but I had to wait for the owner to get there to lock the doors because she has the only set of keys
Me: (starts to talk to the lady): “Ma’am-”
Lady: (cuts me off) “Now see here, young woman. I’ve been coming to this store for a long time and I’ve never been treated so rudely in my life. Your brat is not more important than me. (Eyes my pregnant belly) You’re fat and lazy and I should not have to wait on you to get your lazy a** up here to help me.
Me: (speechless, but spots the owner’s car outside) Well, ma’am, if you have a problem with me, the owner just pulled in. I suggest you talk to her about it.
Owner: (walking in) Hi [My name].
Lady: (cutting her off) Your employee is rude and lazy and I demand to be taken care of right now! (Bangs the counter again and wakes my daughter up. Again)
Owner: (to me, quiet) How long has she been here? (It is now 10:10)
Me: Five minutes.
Owner: Oh, so she came in after closing? (I nod) Go take care of [My daughter’s name] I’ll handle this. (To the customer) Ma’am, I’m afraid you came in after the posted closing time. We can’t help you. But if you come in tomorrow morning when we open, we’d be glad to help you. And as for [My name] being fat and lazy, she’s seven month pregnant with twins.
The lady huffed and left, and we never saw her again.

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