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(I used to work in a bakery within a grocery store. We had a constant deal my entire time working there: “French bread, hot at 5pm or it’s free!” This exact ad was on every price tag we printed out of the machine, unless the item being printed had a deal going on, which took up the same place on the tag. This event occurred more times than I dare to count.)
Customer: I’m looking for [item]?
Me: Let me show you. *leads them to the item* Here we are.
Customer: *reads only the ad at the top of the tag* No, that’s french bread, I don’t want that.
Me: . . .
(Every single package we used was perfectly clear, you could see the item inside it. What really floored me was the time some old man was asking for slices of black forest cake, so I showed him the tiny square package, and he put it aside and walked away cause it was “french bread”.)