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(I am the dumb customer in this story. I am an American traveling in Sweden, and don’t speak a word of Swedish. Before my trip, I went online and purchased, according to the website, a reservation for a train ticket. I go up to the ticket counter at the train station.)
Me: Hello, I have a reservation for a ticket. (I set my reservation printout on the desk.
Attendant: -Confused look-
Me: I printed out the reservation, and so I think I need to pick up my ticket here.
Attendant: This is your ticket. (She indicates the writing on the ticket) “Biljett” is Swedish for ticket. You just need to go to the platform.
(I felt rather silly that I hadn’t even thought to translate one word of Swedish, especially since I didn’t think of myself as the stereotypical clueless American tourist. I could have sold the train company my firstborn child and been none the wiser.)

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