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(I am doing grocery shopping with my mother. Neither of us work at this store, but I guess my mom has one of those “looks” and likes to be helpful. As we’re going down an aisle, a man in his late teens or early twenties approaches us with a loaf of bread)
Man: Do either of you work here?
Mom and myself: No, sorry.
Man: Oh, where can I find peanut butter and jelly? I want to make a sandwich.
(Since my mom shops there often enough and likes to help, she tells him)
Mom: they’re about two or three aisles that way. They usually keep them together.
Man: Cool (starts to walk away) Where did you say they were?
(My mom leaves me and our cart in the aisle to escort him to the peanut butter and jelly. When she returns, I remind her)
Me: One of these days you’re going to get kidnapped going with people like that.
Mom: Yeah, he was weird, huh?