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(I am a witness to this encounter. I’ve just finished up a personal appointment and have gone over to a popular fast food chain that serves mainly chicken. I’ve ordered and am waiting for them to prepare my meal. A woman in an interesting choice of clothes comes inside the restaurant with a take-out bag, looking agitated. I assume she’s about to complain about an error with her order.)

Lady: Excuse me, I need to have my order re-done.
Cashier: I’m sorry to hear that, what seems to be the problem?
Lady: Well I specifically asked for no thigh pieces. And there are thighs in here. I have a phobia of thigh pieces. I can’t eat them, I can’t see them – and there are some in here. So I need this order re-done with NO thighs.
(The cashier looks at her incredulously for a moment before handing the box back over the cooking counter to have it re-done. I stifle a laugh and cover with a cough. Two construction workers beside me have a little less restraint and are openly laughing.)
Worker: Did she just say she’s afraid of CHICKEN?
Worker #2: She does realise where she is, right?
Me: I guess she must have missed what the “C” stood for.