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(I am cashiering one of those small register express lanes, 15 items or less. A woman and her kids are my next guests, I asks for her membership card, scan that, then start scanning their items and placing them in a bag. Her youngest son keeps trying to hand me the bananas they got from the stores free for children fruit basket.)

Me: *handing the fruit back, honestly I find it adorable not annoying* “No sweetie, you hold on to those, they’re yours,”

(The mom gets a call and answers her cellphone.)

Woman: *immediately* “I’m at the register, I’ll call you back.” *to me* “I’m sorry about that.”

Me: “Oh no, it’s fine, that’ll be [total].”

(She pays and I say my usual parting spiel, waving bye to her kids. Honestly I haven’t had many people who talk on their phones whole I’m cashiering, but the few times its happened, they’ve just been rude when I try to politely get their attention while trying to serve them. That woman and her cute kids made my work day a lot better!)

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