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(I work for an outsourced call center, one that caters to a major American cable company, thus I run into Americans and their… different views on life. I usually can brush most of them off, but this one had me laughing long after the fact.)

Me: Thank you for calling XXXXXX cable, (me) speaking!
Muffled Lady: HI! YEAH! *muffled noises* You got that?!
Me: Sorry ma’am, I think your phone broke up a little.
Muffled lady: *sounds a mile away, speaker phone?* THAT BETTER?
Me: Ma’am, are you on speaker phone?
Muffled lady: How dare you! You should give me a discount!
Me: ……….. (what?!) … Sorry ma’am, I’m having trouble hearing you…
Muffled lady: For that, give me a free month! *finally it sounds like she’s picked up the phone!*
Me: Ma’am, I could help you with your issue if you could just repeat–
Muffled lady: Is it because I’m from Africa!? Do you not think I’m good enough to be in America!? Get me your supervisor!
Me: (We have three supervisors and all are on hour-long calls, so not happening.) Ma’am, I am trying to understand how I can help you today. Look, I’m not supposed to even tell you, but I’m not from America either.
Muffled lady: Don’t you lie to me, you have no accent!
Me: Okay, well, ma’am, if there’s nothing I can do for you…
Muffled lady: RACIST B****! *hangs up*
Me: That was a thing…

(Meanwhile, I’m married to a first generation American, whose father was literally from Africa… And yes, I get called out for being from “somewhere else” on the phones all the time. I blame it on living in various states in America for 4 years.)