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So I’m a lifeguard at a small pool in the local YMCA in town. It’s so small that there’s usually only one lifeguard on duty. I was lifeguarding the other Saturday and an unexpected pool party showed up. Now we normally have two lifeguards scheduled for a pool party, since everyone 14 and under needs to be swim tested before they can swim in the pool without a lifejacket, and a lifeguard cannot swim test a kid and guard the pool at the same time, but since no one at all knew there was a pool party scheduled for that day, I was the only lifeguard scheduled.
When everyone got in, there were about 5 kids that needed to be swim tested, so I cleared the pool and swim tested them. About two minutes after everyone got back into the pool and started swimming two more girls came up asking for a swim test. I didn’t want to make everyone get out of the pool again, so I told them to go to the front desk and ask the person working there to come in and run a swim test for them. As they walked toward the door, the lady in charge stopped them and started yelling at them about how they wouldn’t be discriminated against and they’d get their swim test. Then she turned to me.

Angry lady: incoherent yelling

Me: “What?”

It’s very echo-y in the pool and hard to hear

Lady *coming over to me*: “I don’t like your attitude one bit. (I’ll admit I was a little grumpy with having to deal with an unexpected pool party, but I was perfectly professional the whole time) I paid for this party to reserve the pool and I want everyone to have a good time. You’d better fucking swim test those girls or else.”

Me *at a complete loss for words*: “Okay, I’m going to need everyone out of the pool so that I can do a swim test. Out. Get out of the pool.”

I swim tested the girls and became a hard ass about everyone following the rules. The lady apparently complained about my attitude to the front desk and gave them a hard time too. I almost kicked the lady out of the pool, but I was too angry to respond to her.