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I am out shopping with my mother. I’m already tired and agitated she’s taking so long and I’m browsing the frozen meals when two teenage girls pop around the corner.

Girl 1: Hey! Do you know where the [items] are?

It is winter and I am wearing a long leather coat with my purse slung over my shoulder. I stand there a second until I realize they’re talking to me.

Girl 2: We can’t find the [items], where?

Me: Uhh…

Girl 1: [Items].

Me: *nonplussed* Ask someone who works here…?

I don’t live in this town, either.

Girl 1: *baffled* Do you work here?

Me: *looks down at my attire which does not even vaguely resemble the uniform of this store, and again, coat and purse* …no? I work for [different grocery store].

I’m starting to get more annoyed as it doesn’t seem to register. A woman with a full buggy comes around.

Woman: Did you find someone?

Girl 2: Oh she works for [different grocery store].

Me: *sigh*