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(I work as an optical assistant in an opticians. I work in collections and while most customers are perfectly pleasant, this lady has been extremely rude to every staff member along the way. Up until the day she was actually picking up her glasses, it was mostly just her being grumpy and finding a fault in everything, but then she comes in for collection… She comes over and barks her name at me.)
Me: Can I also get your date of birth, please?
(This is standard procedure, there might be dozens of people with the same name, after all.)
Customer: Why do you always need all these personal details? What is this, a police state?!
(I already have a feeling that this is not going to end well, but I just smile and nod and try to be polite. She grumbles to herself while I get her glasses ready. Then she puts them on to try them.)
Customer: I can’t see anything! Everything is blurry! These are completely useless, why am I spending so much money here if you can’t get me a pair of glasses that work?!
Me: Well, you know, sometimes your eyes need a bit of time to get used to a new prescription, we usually ask people to try them for about two weeks at least…
Customer: Oh, like you would know anything about it, you’re just a useless young girl – I want to talk to a proper optician right now!
(I try to explain that unfortunately we cannot book her in for another sight test until she has tried them but I barely get a few words in when she stands up and pretty much storms into the test room next to us. Thankfully there was no test underway. I just sit there, stunned, and I hear her having a go at one of the optometrists, telling her that she demands a new test immediately and that I am useless and don’t know anything. The optom is having none of it and sends her out of the room. The customer comes back to me.)
Customer: Well I’m not taking these glasses, that’s for sure. After spending so much money in here! (Nevermind the fact that she’s spending about a third or less of the average spend…) And you, you’re just a two-year-old! You don’t know anything! You can talk back to me when you’re not just paying for everything with mommy and daddy’s money! (Again, nevermind the fact that I haven’t even seen my parents for two years, since I moved to the UK and I am definitely not getting any assistance for them… I am almost completely speechless at this point but I manage to force a huge fake smile on my face.)
Me: Oh, don’t worry, we have our method for dealing with this sort of situation; how about you come back sometime this week and sit down with one of the managers to discuss this? I can book you an appointment for that!
(Funnily enough she behaved almost decently after hearing this… I managed to get her out of the shop in about two minutes, but I was trembling for a good half hour after this.)

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