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(Recently I was in the store pushing  the baby stroller with my little sister in it and my mom went to the restroom and when I was waiting for her I decided to look around and  then this lady walked up to me and said)

Lady:Excuse me is that You’re Child?

Me:Um..Yes ma’am

(She gave me A disgusted look and said)

Lady:Your too young to have a child on your own your like a little kid and I bet you can’t even take care of yourself your a trick! You slept with another boy and got pregnant and he probably left you kids these days are having kids when they are still kids your probably a drop out of school too!

Me:Ma’am this isn’t MY child I my sister my mother is in the bathroom I’m just waiting on her.

(She was shocked and confused)


Me:Yeah MY Sister..

(And as I was As I was about to walk away I turned around and said)

Me: and by the way I’m not a Trick I’m A Virgin And I come from a Christian home I am an A+ Student…Have A Good Day Ma’am