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I was the on duty manager in a grocery store one night. A lady comes up to the customer service desk complaining that we were out of the 48 oz size of a coffee creamer that cost $3.98. She asked me if she could buy the 36 oz size ($3.88) and the 12 oz size (not sure the price) and pay the price of the 48 oz bottle since the 2 sizes she had totaled 48 oz. I asked her to let me call another manager since I had not had this request before.
I called the assistant manager and he informed me we could not do that. I let the lady know we could not do what she was asking. I offered to write a rain check for the 48 oz creamer if it was on sale.
The lady stormed off complaining that it was frustrating and stupid that we couldn’t do that for her.
I was shocked that it was so difficult for her to buy the 36 oz size and go on about her day.