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I work in a cable company and we have a new policy regarding new remotes which is reasonable because it’s absurd to send a technician to a customer’s home just to give them a new remote and program it. We can easily mail them a new remote or the customer can pick one up at our customer care center and call us if the instructions are confusing for help, which takes less than two minutes to walk through. Oh and btw I’m a female customer service agent that hates my name shortened because my ex boyfriend cheated on me with a girl named that nickname.

The customer’s son called in for his mother’s account requesting a new remote.

Me: “Okay, that’s no problem. I just requested a new remote to be sent to her and it will be there in…” *customer interrupts*
Customer: “Sir, you just sent a tech to my house the other day to give me a new remote!”
*I’m thinking umm I definitely do not sound anything like a man…*
Me: “We have a new policy regarding sending a technician to…” *customer interrupts again ugh*
Customer: “Sir!”
Me: “Maim.”
Customer: “What?!”
Me: “I am not a sir.”
Customer: “I don’t give a flying f what you define your gender as. We are talking about a 80 year old woman here!”
Me: “Please do not use profanity. This is a business so stay professional or I will hang up on you if you swear at me again.”
Customer: “Sir, maim, sir… How the…. Send a tech to her house today for a new remote or she’s going to switch to (other company who sucks).”
*I’m holding back tears from laughing on mute.*
Me: “I’ve already requested a new remote and it will be there in a few days. If the instructions are confusing she can call us for help. It only takes a couple minutes to program it.”
Customer: “How the f do you expect an 80 year old woman to know how to program a remote?!”
*Now I’m thinking I could hang up or just be a smart a.*
Me: “Well it’s not too bad. I actually walked a 92 year old woman through it the other day!”
Customer: “Sir… (Calls me the nickname I hate)… Ummm.. Hello? Sir, are you there? (Calls me the nickname I hate that’s a male version of my name)..”
*And I was just considering actually sending a tech to get this dude off my phone. But then he called me that nickname that I hate!*
Me: “I’m sorry that you don’t like the answer that I’m giving you but it’s the only one I have to give. It’s our policy. Call us when it arrives in a few days. Have a good day.” *click