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I work in a swimming pool company that sell products and have thec. services.
We are in the middle of the summer , so the phone rings and rings, we try our best to awnser all of them, and do our tasks.We have 3 phone lines the same as prsons how use to answer the phones.
A phone rings …
Me – [pool company] good morning, how can I help you?
Caller – hi, can I speak to [ my collegue ]?
Me – I’m sorry sir, but she is on phe phone right now, but maybe I can help you?
Caller – Ok maybe you can, I was calling tio know when the maintenance thecnician can come to my house, because may pool is a mess. It’s the house of the [street] * We canĀ“t find the costumer for the address, so I ask him the name or the phone number, but I can’t find no data about that costumer in our sistem*.
Me – Hum, sir, I can’t find your information in the data base, maybe the name is on other person name or if the pool is new maybe is in the name of the company who build the pool?
Caller – I don’t understand???! Why can you help me?
Me – [ my collegue name] is the person responsible for the pool maintenance, she probably know every maintenance we have, but not me, so I need to find you in the data base to see what is the day the thecnician use to go to clean the pool.
Caller – hummm….
Me – Sir, as my collegue is on phone right now, I can asker after the hung up, and call you back in some minutes, what you think about that?
Caller – Great great! My number is …..
*After my collegue hung up, I tell her about the costumer, she tryes to find him on the data sistem but can’t find nothing… she decides to call him*
Collegue – hi this is [ my colegues name] from [ pool company ]….* the caller give her all the information but still my collegue can’t find anything, this take about 15 minutes and the phones are ringing with people very upset because we don’t awnser the phone.
Caller – My house is int he [street] on the [location].
My collegue – Hm, We only have one maintenance in that location, but in the other street.
Caller – Ummmm maybe I call the wrong company. bye.