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I work at a well-known Italian Fast Food Chain. Our parking lot is at the corner of a busy four-way light, and is very narrow. This happened to my coworker, who is our Delivery Driver of the Night.

(Coworker) walks out of the side door to bring his next delivery to his car. A customer speeds around the corner of the building, going too fast for a normal parking lot, let alone one as narrow as ours. (Coworker) tries to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit while (Customer) moves to try an avoid (Coworker). Unfortunately (Coworker) lands on (Customer)’s hood. After the impact, the customer just drives off.
My manager calls the police and they come get a statement from my coworker and an older woman who witnessed the hit and run.
Later that night, a customer calls asking to speak to the manager. The conversation was relayed to me by the manager.
Customer: I have a complaint about one of your employees.
Manager: I’m very sorry, what happened?
Customer: I was at your store earlier today and a guy in a [Store] uniform dented the hood of my car.
At this point, my manager stops and opens a search on the tablet we use to take orders, and took down his phone number. It turned out that the customer was in our system as well as his information.
When my manager finished the phone call, he called the police back and passed along his information.

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