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I work at a Tex Mexico place that closes at 8 p.m we have freshly brewed black tea that pretty popular. A lady comes up for her free refill of tea 15 minutes after closing..
Customer: Your all out of black tea. You need to make more or give me a refund.
Coworker: Um.. I can’t give you a refund for that, I’m sorry ma’am
The lady proceeds to give him a death glare till he goes to find our manager.
Coworker: I can’t seem to find her I’m sorry, (he turns to me) We can’t make more tea after closing right?
Me: (to him and customer) No we can’t, it’ll take too long to brew a new batch and Ireland loose too much money for just one cup.
Customer: ( rolls her eyes and huffs) Well. I guess I know to not come back then.
She then comes back with one of our comment cards living about how nobody helped her and how we refused HER a PAYING CUSTOMER a fefund because she couldn’t get a free refill of tea 15 minutes after out closing time…