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(I am cleaning tables after my last bunch of customers left, the restaurant I work in is very expensive and smack in front of the ocean. It is Saturday and a concert is playing so we have a high volume of customers. Their is a couple in my section that look as if they are out of horrendous 90’s movie. They have been sitting staring the the ocean for 30 minutes refusing to order.)
Girlfriend: “Hey. Yeah you. Are you okay?”
Me: “Of course. Can I help you?”
Girlfriend: “Why do you work here? You are so young. If you need another job I can hook you up.”
Me: “No ma’am I am satisfied with this but thank you.”
Girlfriend: “Like isn’t your mother ashamed of you are working here?”
(I don’t reply and she goes on as I clean the next table. At this point she won’t stop belittling my job and I probably make more in tips than she does all day. So the owner is over hearing me complain about them and decides to go serve them since no one does. They were very loud and obnoxious and we had move the other people in my section to another.)
Owner: ” Sir, you can not bring foreign liquor on to our premises. I am going have to get rid of the beer.”
Boyfriend: (Pouring cheep Corona into wine glass). “Whyy notch it’z my own bod-y.”
Girlfriend:”Dude what’s your problem? Stop being a fag and f*** off. I wanna talk to a manager, you and that bitchy waitress (me) are gonna be fired.”
Owner: “We don’t have a manager in the house, but you can talk to the owner.”
Girlfriend:”That’s right.” “She says smugly”
Owner: “You are talking to him, and if you have a problem with my staff or me…”(Leans down and whispers)” You can get out my restaurant you dirty hippies.”
(The man uses are bathroom and the girl leaves him behind. He stumbles looking for his beer and the owner hands it to him and waves a sarcastic smiling good bye. When I went to clean the table they paid the bill at least and left a weird pill on a note saying it was the tip. They had got pepper under the glass cover for the table and pepper was on the seat and everywhere. I later found the pepper shaker behind the toilet.)