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I’m a receptionist at an assisted living community. I deal with more than my fair share of…intelligence-challenged individuals. I’d like to say that I’ve only had a version of the following conversation once, but unfortunately it’s happened so many times I’ve lost count.

Me: [business name], this is [my name]. How can I help you?
Caller: Is this [business name]?
Me: ..Yes.
Caller: And your name is ?
Me: No, my name is [my name].
Caller: Oh, okay, [different wrong name]. My wife wants me to make sure, am I talking to [business name]?
Me: *eyetwitch* Yes, this is [business name].
Caller: *yelling back to his wife* Yes, dear, it’s [business name]. I’m talking to [yet another different wrong name].
Me: *dying inside*

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