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I’m in an absurdly long line at McDonald’s. I wouldn’t have bothered, except I was doing an office pickup, so everyone was expecting their breakfast. I should note that when I pulled in, this BMW cut me off to get in front of me (two entrances to the parking lot, I was clearly heading for the line when he sped in from the other entrance and slams to a stop in front of me. ) Whatever, I’m on the clock, one more car won’t make a difference.

I see a man come out of the restaurant and walk to his car, which is blocked in by the drive-thru line, specifically by the BMW in front of me. The man takes a moment to come to a trash can near my car, and I roll down my window.

Me: “Excuse me, sir, are you trying to leave?”

Him: “Yeah, don’t know how I’m gonna get out, though.”

Me: “Well, I’ll leave enough room for you, maybe the guy in front of me will back up.”

Of course the BMW doesn’t back up, the guy has to sit there until the line crawls forward, he has to maneuver around the BMW that left a huge gap in front of him even after moving forward.

Me: *to myself* “This is going to be a fun wait”

Line continues to crawl forward. Work truck in front of the BMW places their order, BMW pulls up right on his bumper now to make their order. This McDonald’s has a horribly sharp turn in their drive-thru, I see people miss it and hit the curb almost every time I’m there, which is what happens here. Work truck turns too wide and hits the curb. Needs to back up. Puts the truck in reverse and inches backwards, BMW driver lays on the horn, instead of checking that, gee, I left him more than enough space to back up and give the truck some room. Truck pulls forward, then back, then forward, then back, trying to make it around the corner using the foot or so of space the BMW driver is allowing him.

Me: *irritated now, cause this guy is making everyone in line’s lives difficult, and I’m pretty sure that his window is down, since he just placed his order* “Back up and give him some room, I left you enough space!”

BMW driver FINALLY backs up, and the truck has enough space to make the turn properly. I place my order, then watch as the BMW driver almost hits a pedestrian (the entrance to the restaurant crosses the drive-thru, I know, HORRIBLE design, and there is a place for drivers to stop and look up at a convex mirror that shows the doors). BMW driver gets to the window, pays for his food, gets to the next window, picks up his food, and squeals out of the parking lot.

Drive-thru Cashier: “That guy looks like he’s in a hurry…”

Me: “You have no idea…”

Obviously, that driver is the exception to the “Canadians are nice and polite” rule. I made sure to thank the staff an extra time as I received my food.