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(I worked at a small gas station that stayed open till 11 pm at night. So it gets boring mostly after 7pm. So as I have all my work finished and is just sitting down reading a book,when a loud rude customer bursts on in with a few friend.They all are early 20 year old’s, very grunge-y kinds that just go out drive on a Saturday night.But i like to keep a open mind and be nice to everyone.)

Me: *sets her book down under the counter stands up in a bright cheerful voice*Hello there! how are you today? need any help? (I’ve drilled that in my head after so long working in retail)

Customer: *goes up to the counter slamming a large grocery bag full of coins*Yeah , i need you to count all this.

Me: *looks at the bag then at him*I’m sorry sir this isn’t a bank…*glancing at the others who are spreading around thru the store*

Customer: I know that , but I want gas.so , count it.

Me: Sir , I’m sorry this change is all loose and not rolled , I’m not allowed to accept it that way.If you want to there’s a counter over there you can sit down and count it and i think we have some rolls on sale here for a few dollars. (I’m not shitting him , i wasn’t allowed to do that and i couldn’t take my eye off his friend’s in the case they plan on lifting things.)

Customer: What?! that’s bullshit , I’m not counting this, that’s what your here for.

Me: Then sir i can’t help you I’m sorry.*looks at one of his friends playing with the out of order slushie machine*Sir, I’m sorry but that’s broken so please don’t touch?

Other customer: *backs away from it with his hands up*

Customer: whats your name?

Me: *looks back at him*Excuse me?

Customer: What.Is. Your.Name?

Me: Why?

Customer: Because I’m going to report you to your manager about your customer service and attitude. Your being very bitchy and rude to us.I Know the manager and they’ll sort you out.

Me:I’m going by our policy sir.

Customer: fuck you and your policy.I want your name and i want my gas.

Me: Sir if you don’t have anything else your going to buy,please leave.

Customer: *does a angry hand wave and starts on out with his friends slamming the door saying how lame this is and ext.*

Me: *takes out cell phone and calls manger explaining everything that happened*

Manager: I would’ve done the same thing! Fuck, what are you his mother?

Me: I dunno, I just wanted to let you know if someone complains to you or Boss man.

Manager: I doubt they’ll call and complain , they’ll go to [Chain gas station] down in town if they really need it. Don’t sweat it.
(we ended the call but I called my dad to come and sit in the store with me a bit in the station , just in case they came back.They didn’t and i didn’t get pulled aside about a complaint.)