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(I’m working the lottery counter. A woman walks up and hands me three tickets. She has an accent to her English, but gives no indication at any point that she doesn’t understand what I’m saying.)

Customer: Replay these. (Hands me two long tickets for the $5/line weekly draw). Check this. (Hands me a short ticket for a $1/line weekly draw.)

Me: Replay (big draw), check (small draw). Got it.

(I scan the first one on the machine, and she gets a free play on it, I ask if she wants to play encore for a $1, an extra chance at winning a million. She takes it. After printing her free play, the replay option comes up. I look at the ticket to confirm and notice that the ticket isn’t numbers she chose, but three free plays which are always quickpick.)

Me: (shows her the ticket) You want this one replayed?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Okay. With encore again?

Customer: Yes.

Me: (Prints replay.) So that’s $11 for that one… (scans the next ticket, no win. I hold it out to her and show her this ticket as well.) And you want this one replayed too?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Encore on this, too?

Customer: Yes.

Me: (prints replay) So that’s $22. (scans third ticket) And that’s not a winner. Anything else?

Customer: One quickpick (small draw).

Me: With encore?

Customer: Yes.

Me: (Prints that.) Anything else?

Customer: No.

Me: Your total is $25.

Customer: Why so high?

Me: (Figuring the issue is the one I anticipated when I scanned the first ticket). You asked for me replay two three-line (big draw) tickets.

Customer: No I didn’t.

Me: If you tell me which one has the numbers you want to keep, I can cancel and refund the other.

Customer: No, I’ll take them.

(I don’t know how she possibly didn’t realise what was happening when I made sure to confirm every step of the way that she wanted both tickets replayed. Considering she didn’t want the smaller draw ticket replayed to have been mistaking the freeplay with another ticket she wanted replayed….)