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*A male customer calls into our copy center and asks about shipping with prepaid labels, it is a common question and most understand we do not accept Fedex prepaid labels.”

Me: “HI, thank you for calling, this is [insert name] speaking, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I have a question regarding shipping.”

Me: “Sure, what is your question?”

Customer: “Does your store take prepaid labeled FedEx shipments?”

Me: “No sir, we only take UPS and USPS.”

Customer: *annoyed* Why not?!

Me: “We do not have the software to process them and we don’t have a contract with FedEx, my apologizes for the inconvenience.”

*There is a minute or two of me assuring him we do not accept their labels and that I am positive we don’t accept them.*

Customer: “Okay do you know if [insert nearby competitor* takes FedEx prepaid labels?”

Me: “No idea.”

Customer: “So you don’t know if they do or not?!”

Me: “No sir, I don’t work there.”

Customer: “Why don’t you call them and ask?”

Me: “Sir, I am not going to do that.”

Customer: “I can’t believe you don’t know if they take them there!”

Me: “Sir, I don’t work there, I am not sure what they accept or don’t accept. It is not in my place to say.”

*We hang up and radio coworkers about how whole exchange. The same customer calls back there minutes later.*

Customer: “I just wanted you to tell whoever I was speaking to before that [insert competitor] does take prepaid FedEx labels and that he shouldn not be giving people false information.”

Me: “Okay” *slams phone down*