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, | Unfiltered | May 2, 2020

(This story was relayed to me by one of my boss’ when we were finishing up for the evening. She’s waiting in line to pay for her things at a shop that’s just outside where we work. The woman at the till beside her only has a bouquet of flowers. It’s customary to move to the other side of the till when your gathering your bits.

As my boss moves over to gather her things.

Rude woman : *sarcastically* “Ugh, do you mind!? ”

Boss ignores her and continues her transaction and packs her things.

As the woman leaves

Boss: “Jesus, if she just called ahead we could have reserved a spot for her”

Que cashier burst our laughing

Then as my boss is leaving, she sees the same woman going up an escalater. She gives her the death stare. Que my boss waving at her with a big smile on her face. Best story ever!