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(My first day at the emergency call centre. I have to do the intake when someone calls with a new case about a vehicle breakdown. My colleague next to me tells me that she was talking to a lady over the phone, but that they were suddenly disconnected. My phone rings. It’s the same customer.)

Customer: “Yeah, I called a few minutes ago, but suddenly I was disconnected!”

(Her tone is clearly impatient and rude. She seems to assume my colleague hung up on her.)

Me: “Yes, I heard so, ma’am. My colleague was just as surprised about it as you are. But I’ll make up the case file now.”

(I’m quite nervous since this is the first day. I make some small mistakes and have to ask things twice. The customer is clearly not pleased about this. Although she doesn’t lose her calm, she starts getting prickly.)

Me: “You were on [location] now, ma’am?”

Customer: “No, we’re now in a parking lot. I told you earlier.”

Me: “Oh, apologies, ma’am. You indeed told me.”

Customer: “God, sir! Did you start today or something? Are you a temp?”

(Little did she know that the answer to both questions was “yes”. And that, despite her prejudices against temporary workers, I have a degree.)