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*I work as a deli clerk for a popular grocery store a town away from my home, and on my way home I remember I need something. So I stop at a competition store. I’ve just gotten off work and haven’t taken my apron off yet, but the name of my store is clearly printed on my apron, and my uniform is different*
Me: *walking purposely to the aisle I need*
Customer: excuse me!
I ignore her, thinking she’s calling to someone else.
Customer: *chasing me down the aisle with her basket* Hey! Stop!
I stop and immediately get hit with the customer’s cart from behind, which hurts like hell.
Me: fuck!
Customer: *doesnt even apologize* did you just cuss at me?
Me: you bet I did. You just about ran me over!
Customer: you ran away from me and I need your help! I can’t believe how rude you’re being!
Me: *in pain and already tired from working a full day* and why do you think I can help you?
Customer: because that’s your job! You have to help me!
Me: no I don’t.
Customer: you f***ing **tch! I’m going to have you fired!
At this point two clerks and a manager have come to us from all the commotion. When the customer takes her eyes off me I start to walk away. I’m tired. I don’t want to deal with this. And I don’t have to.
Customer: oh good! Are you the manager?
Manager: yes?
Customer: this employee *notices I’m walking away* Hey! Where the f*** do you think you’re going!
Me: I need milk.
Customer: oh my god! Your employees are the absolute worst!
Me: *about to leave the aisle* I don’t work here, dumb a**
The customer goes into a full fit of rage, screaming at the manager that I be fired. From what I could hear, the manager just kept telling her that I didn’t work there.