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(I’m working an information desk near the Film and TV section in a large box bookstore, some years ago, when an obviously rather perturbed customer marches up.)

Customer: Excuse me, I’ve just been over there (gestures toward the shelves signed as ‘Film’) and I can’t find any.

Me:No problem, ma’am, was there a particular title you wanted?

Customer: (now definitely annoyed) No, I mean I can’t find any film. Where do you keep it?

Me: (…realisation slowly dawning) Ma’am, do you mean actual film? For a camera?

Customer: Yes, of course! I need two rolls of [rattles off brand name, size etc. etc]! I looked where the ‘Film’ sign was, and…

Me: (not wanting to hear it all over again) Uh, yes, ma’am. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but we’re a bookstore. That sign just means the section has books about film-related topics. If you want actual film for a camera, I’d recommend the drugstore down the street.

Customer: But the sign says ‘Film’! That means you should have film! Otherwise you’re misleading your customers!

Me: Again, I’m so sorry, but we’re a bookstore… (makes a broad ‘See?’ gesture taking in the enormous warehouse-style space packed with bookshelves) We don’t carry anything but books and book accessories.

Customer: But the sign says ‘Film’! I think that sign is very misleading. People will come into this section looking for film, because it says ‘Film’, and…

(…and so on and on, for the next five minutes or so. Eventually she was forced to wander off unsatisfied, still muttering about how ‘misleading’ our signage was.)