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Today an elderly man grabbed me while I was marking down pizzas, and told me I needed to follow him back to the deli counter (where 3 other employees were available) to cut his meat order (a good 150 feet away). I told him there was someone behind the actual counter that could help him and continued my mark downs.
I got back behind the deli counter at about the same time i heard him harassing my co-worker about the cleanliness of the deli slicers (which by the way are cleaned every 2 hours and more so). On this particular day business was non-stop.
The old man loudly explained to me and other customers that he used to work for OSHA, and that we weren’t following regs, blah blah. We were, it just wasn’t apparent from his perspective because there had been a customer or two before him. When even the other customers began rolling eyes at his outrage, he left to complain to customer service. A few minutes later the store owner came to us and apologized for the crap we had been through. Apparently the” ex OSHA employee” was complaining that we didn’t use bleach to wipe down our slicers every time. As far as we all know, bleach can kill/sicken a person and is NOT used in our deli.