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I work in a chocolate shop. This is slightly after a new Spongebob episode was released.

Customer: “What do you sell here?”

Employee: “By any chance did you see the name of the store?”

Customer: “No.”

Employee: “So you randomly enter stores?”

Customer: “Yes. Anyway do you have flowers? I need flowers so I can shove them up your a**.”

Employee: “Ma’am, can you please not swear there are children here.”

Customer: “Huh? Me swear? I think not! Now let me rip your head off for bad service!”

I hear the commotion so I come out from behind.

Me: “What is going on out here?!”

Employee: “She wants to rip my head off!”

Me: “Ma’am, either buy some chocolate or leave.”

Customer: “Did you say chocolate!!!!?”

Me: “Umm, yes?”

Customer: “Chocolate?! Chocolate?!Chocolate?!”

Employee & I: *In unison* “Yes!”

Customer: “I’d like to buy all your chocolate.”

She buys nearly $100 worth of chocolate.