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(I work at a large Canadian grocery chain which has two locations in the city I’ve recently moved to. I’ve only been to the other location once– I don’t drive and it’s across town, so it’s out of the way for me, especially considering that we have almost the same selection of merchandise. That said, despite being affiliated we have completely separate staff and have no reason to know any details about their differing policies or current stock or anything. Their number, however, isn’t listed in the phonebook, being a newer location, so we often get calls meant for them. Also, Ontario has recently begun allowing grocery stores to carry alcohol. A minute until the end of my shift when I’m counting the service desk till, I get this call.)

Me: Hello (Store Name). How may I help you?

Customer: Hi. What time does [other location] stop selling alcohol?

Me: I don’t know. I can give you their number so you can call them and ask.

Customer: Oh no. I already have their number. I just dialed yours by mistake and figured that it would take just as long to wait and have you tell me then to redial them. What time do they stop?

Me: I don’t know.

Customer: Do they sell beer or just wine? (There’s a wine vendor in the same mall as our location.)

Me: I think they sell beer… I don’t know.

Customer: Well, what kinds?

Me: I’ve never been, I don’t know.

Customer: Well–

Me: Sir, you’re going to have to call them.

(Considering our automated answering system takes about three minutes to get through its spiel before it connects customers to me, it would have been quicker to redial immediately rather then wait and ask someone who has no reason to know what he wants to know anyways.)