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I hadn’t spent much time in my hometown since graduating high school 10 years earlier, but had come back for a year to help my mom when my father was ill. Working a lunch shift when a party of 4 men is seated in my section, and I notice one of them is the father of my best friend from H.S. He’s always been kind of a jerk, and doesn’t recognize me. It’s evident he’s taking the others out for a business lunch. Our uniform is a long-sleeved leotard and a knee-length wrap skirt. I’ve got a fairly large chest, but completely covered and with supportive undergarments.

Customer #1/Father of friend: “Bounce on over here, cutie, and take our orders. I’ll start with a scotch on the rocks.” (He is definitely NOT looking at my face as he speaks.)

Me: “Welcome to (Name of restaurant). My name is (My name) and I’ll be happy to take your orders.”

Other 3 customers politely give their orders.

Customer #1/Father: “Do they have RACK of lamb on the menu today?” (Said with a leer.)

Me: “Still just the usual burgers, sandwiches, and steaks. What can I get for you?”

Customer #1/Father: “Maybe I’ll have the grilled chicken BREAST for a change.”

This sort of comments continue through the meal, while the other 3 men look more and more uncomfortable. Even customers at other tables are looking at him in disgust.

We’ve finally reached the end of the ordeal and I’m about to lay down the check when he makes one more crack about my chest size.

Me (As I’ve been rehearsing in my head for the last 20 minutes, and just loudly enough to be heard by the other nearby tables): “I know you’ve gotten a kick out of yourself today and I can take the nonsense, but other women might find it offensive or even painful. You don’t know that I’m one of the unfortunate women who were diagnosed with breast cancer at a very early age, and one of mine is fake.” (This is absolutely NOT true, and is said purely for shock value and to hopefully make him THINK before pulling this on someone else!)

Dead silence in my section as everyone is looking daggers at my customer. His three guests are looking like they wish they could melt into the carpet.

Me: “And, by the way, Mr. (his last name), please tell (his daughter’s name) that (my name) says hello!”

Dead silence as I turned and walked away. I didn’t return to the table until the four had left the restaurant. I don’t know if it was guilt or apology, but he left a huge tip.