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So I work at Wendy’s, and most of the time it’s actually pretty awesome. I’m lucky to work with a bunch of great people, and to have some great managers. There are the exceptions, of course, but overall, everyone’s great, and i have a lot of fun at work. The other night, however, I had a not-so-fun experience.

This family comes in, and the all end up ordering the 4 for $4, which is fine. Literally everyone orders the 4 for $4, and it’s a really easy order to put together. They order two with JBC’s, both as-is, and two with Crispy Chicken BLT’s, one as-is, and one with only mayo, so no big deal there either. I hand out the order and go to help drivethrough. A few minutes later I hear a voice from the counter, and it’s the woman from the family.

“These are all wrong,” she says, depositing three of their sandwiches on the counter.
“I’m sorry about that,” I say, “What do you need?”
She proceeds to go through about ten different permutations of what she needs done differently to the burgers, before eventually deciding that one of the burgers is, in fact, correct, and that she needs the other two to be a Crispy Chicken BLT with only mayo, and a regular Crispy Chicken BLT, as-is. I take the sandwiches over to the sandwich guy, and tell him what to make. I check the sandwiches, just to see what was wrong, and there’s a Crispy Chicken BLT with no mayo, and a regular JBC.
Whatever, I think. It’s not that big a hassle.
The sandwich guy finishes the sandwiches, and I bring them out to the lady.
“Alright,” I say, “Here is A Crispy BLT only mayo, and here is one as-is.”
The lady takes the sandwiches, looks confused, and then hands back the as-is BLT. “No, this was supposed to be a regular JBC.”
“Alright,” I say, and I take the sandwich back again.
At this point, I am understandably exasperated, because she has just askes us to remake EXACTLY WHAT SHE HAD BEFORE. Apparently, she catches the sandwich guys eye-roll as i tell him the new order, because as I come back to the front, she says “Y’know I can go somewhere else!”
“I’m sorry?” I say.
“I can go somewhere else. I don’t need your attitude or your eye-rolling! You messed the order up, and I’m telling you to fix it.”
“I’m sorry,” I say, and I go to take the order of the elderly couple who has been patiently waiting the entire time I’ve been dealing with the customer. I am unfailingly polite, and engage them in a short, non-Wendy’s-related conversation, as I try to do with all of my guests. The woman, waiting for her sandwich, glares at me. I finish up with the old couple, fetch the woman’s sandwich, and give it to her. She storms off, and I look at my coworkers, and share a knowing sigh. We laugh at the lady for the next hour.
And that is the greatest part, that these people think they’re winning by causing a scene and humiliating you, but the minute their back is turned, everyone is laughing at them, often including other customers.
A happy ending to the story, her husband comes up to the counter with his burger, the one that his wife had previously deemed not-actually-wrong-after-all, and ironically the only one that had actually been wrong in the first place. I apologized, made some small talk, and sent him on his way. he was unfailingly polite, assured me that it was no big deal, and was the model of a nice respectful customer who gets it.
I suppose opposites really do attract.

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