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Hello, thank you for calling *isp*, how can I help you?
Cust. “I need the login info for my modem.”
Well, I’ll be happy to help you with that. Can I ask why you’re wanting to access your modem? (I just thought it was a strange request, as most people tell me what they’re trying to do before asking for this info)
Cust. “S.O.Q.”
I’m sorry? I’m not sure I know what you mean?
Cust. “My pings are taking too long so I’m going to try piggy backing some routers.”
Oh… Okay… Well, unless you’ve changed it, your login info will actually be listed on your modem. Looking at your account, I’m actually seeing it’s been suspended.
Cust. “Okay”
Your account has been suspended due to a billing issue. This means that accessing your firmware or adding equipment will not affect your speed or service, as you won’t have any services until the billing issue is handled.
Cust. “Okay, well, I’m still gong to try. “