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Hello, thank you for calling *isp* how can I help you?
Cust. “My internet isn’t working.”
Okay, I’ll be happy to help with that. Let’s start by plugging your computer directly into your modem.
Cust. “It’s already plugged in.”
Okay, are you using Apple, or Windows?
Cust. “Apple.”
*start to navigate customer to obtain ip address only to find out that not only is the computer not plugged in, but it is also not logged into any wireless network*
Based on what your computer says, your modem and computer are actually not connected via Ethernet cable. It’s possible the cable has come loose or has become damaged. The best way to check is to take your hands from the side that plugs into your computer and run them along the length of the cable to where it plugs to the modem.
Cust. “I’ve already done that, but I’ll do it again.”
This ordeal continues for about 20 minutes until she finally tells me that the Ethernet cable actually goes from her modem (dsl btw) to her wall, and that her computer had never been hardwired.
Cust. “I pay $xx.xx and I’m not getting xx.xx in service so I’m extremely frustrated at this point. You need to just send someone!”
(If she would have actually been hardwired to her modem I could have resolved her connection in 2 minutes, instead she had to wait 4 days for a tech to come. She also had to pay 75.00 for unnecessary dispatch.)