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Our service houses rough sleepers for a limited time. Due to the nature of our residents’ lifestyles they don’t always have the greatest of body hygiene. A resident is distressed that she has lost her phone and asks office staff to repeatedly call it until she locates it. My co-worker goes up to her room and spends 10 minutes trying to find it with her, but can’t. I stay in the office hitting redial on our phone for them to follow the vibrations. Her phone rings for 15 seconds before going to voice mail and as we spend around an hour trying to locate it she has well over 180 missed calls on her phone from us. Finally the resident answers the phone,

Resident; Hello??
Me: Hello! So you found your phone then? *stating the obvious*
Resident: … … what?
Me: … You’ve picked up your phone, you’ve found it then!
Resident: … yes, thanks! It was in my bed!
Me: Oh, great! Well, catch you later.

I put down the phone and resume doing my actual work when the phone rings.

Me: [Company name], [my name] speaking, how can I help?
Resident: Who is this?!
Me: [my name] at [company] …
Resident: I’ve got a missed call from you.
Me: -facepalm- yes, I was calling to help you find your phone, remember?
Resident: ….. Oh.. oh yeah!

I put down the phone and continue to work. A few moments later the resident comes to the desk,

Resident: [my name] are you any good with phones? … I dropped it in the toilet and it seems to still be working but I don’t want it on silent any more, can you help me?
Me: -knowing full well she won’t have washed her hands or the phone- … er, no I’m really bad with phones… sorry, can’t help you! … -looks busy-