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(My father’s name is Pride, which confuses most people. He is working in the office taking calls while he recovers from a work-related accident. These are a few of the instances where people got his name wrong.)

Instance 1:
Dad: Hello, Pride speaking. How can I help you?
Customer #1: Hello, Clive. How are you?

Dad: My name is actually Pride, ma’am.

Customer #1: I’m just gonna call you Clive.

Instance #2:
(This customer actually came in.)
Customer #2: Hello, which one of you ladies is Pride?

Instance #3:
Dad: Hello, this is Pride. How are you?

Customer #3: Are you gay?

Dad: Excuse me?

Customer #3: If your name is Pride, then you must be gay. That’s a stripper name! You’re either a stripper or gay. Or both. Did I call the wrong number? Is this (Dad’s workplace)?

(He’s not.)