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(I work at a movie theater. If a movie is rated R, you must be 17 to buy a ticket or watch with a guardian who is at least 21. A group of 7-8 teenagers approach the box office where I am working.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Teenager 1: “Hi, would we be able to see [movie]?”

(Since the movie is rated R and I notice most of them appear quite young, I need to confirm their ages)

Me: “Are all of you at least 17?”

(They look around at each other. At this point I’m nearly positive they’re all underage. A few of them point to one teenager)

Teenager 1: “He is.”

Me: “Okay, he can go see it. The rest of you can’t though since the rest of you aren’t 17.”

Teenager 1: “But he’s an adult, we should be able to go see it then.”

Me: “Well, none of you are 17. Plus, if he wants to buy R-rated tickets for someone other than himself, he needs to be at least 21.”

(At this point they’re becoming desperate to see the movie.)

Teenager 2: “Well he’s considered an adult. Like, in my culture I could be considered an adult at my age.”

Me: “You’re not 17 though and there’s no one who’s at least 21 in your group. I’m sorry, but you can’t go see it.”

Teenager 1: “So? It’s not like we’re drinking, we’re just going to see [movie].”

Me: “That has nothing to do with this. You’re not 17. You can’t see this movie.”

Teenager 1: *crosses her arms* “Can we speak to a manager?”

Me: “Yea, if you come over to guest services I can call one for you, but they’re going to say the same thing anyway.”

Teenager 1: *realizes she’s beaten* “You know what, never mind.”

(The group leaves as I quietly laugh to myself. Some kids simply do not understand they can’t do what ever they want.)

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