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(I work at a well-known clothing store. One day, a man and a woman came into the store together and started looking at some sweatpants that came in many different colors.)

Me, approaching them: “Hello! Can I help you out with those sweatpants?”

Woman: “Yeah, we aren’t really sure which ones to get.”

Me: “Well, I personally like the red ones the best. Would you like to try those out?”

Woman: “Sure, thanks.”

Me: “No problem! What size do you need?”

(The woman then asks the man what his size is. He gives a little shrug and doesn’t say anything.)

Woman: “Well, what size would you say he is?”

Me, looking at the man: “Why don’t you try the medium? It looks like it would probably fit you.”

(I then pull out the red sweatpants in a size medium for the couple to look at.)

Woman: “Oh, no. Not those. His dick’s too big for those.”