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Ok, so for a while I worked at a popular chain store that sells many joke items as well as some “adult items.”
I am 19 and female, so you can already imagine the harrasment I recieved from some people (moslty guys, but sometimes girls too) about my preferences and piercings.
On this particular occasion it was two guys, they were looking for a prank to play on their buddy, i used the term gag as a synonym for joke. These guys quickly made me uncomfortable. One guy even going so far as to tell me “I have something you can gag on.” I was mortified, my manager asked them to leave. They hung around in the hallway in frobt of the store until security, who manager had called told them to leave. They left for a bit then it ws getting closer to closing time and they came back.
This time my manager had me go to the backroom while he phoned the police. The police had to escort me home to ensure that they wouldn’t follow me. I was encouraged to file a formal restraining order. I never did and the guys were banned from the mall.