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I’m working a closing shift at customer service at a very popular department store. We close at 11:00. Our fitting rooms normally take calls and transfer them, but the fitting rooms close at 10:00; so any calls after then are automatically transferred to customer service. The phone rings at 10:45. The conversation goes as follows.
Me: Thank you for calling [Town name store]. This is customer service. How may I help you?
Customer: *stifled laughter* Yeah..uhh..do you sell condoms?
Me: Yes, we do. You can find them in the pharmacy section.
Customer: *more stifled laughter* Do you sell small ones?
Me: Yes, again, you can find them in the pharmacy.
Customer: I need really small ones, like [race] size. Do you have those? *badly stifled laughter*
Me: *sighs* Yes. They are in the pharmacy.
Customer: *giggles* Can you help me pick some out? *giggles more*
Me: I personally can’t help you. Maybe your mom can.
Manager: What the f*** was that about?