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*After the customer spent some time yelling at another employee, she comes to get a manager, who is me*

Me: How can I help you sir?
Customer: I bought this DVD the other day, but it didn’t have a disc! *flips the empty DVD case across the counter at me* I want a refund.
Me: Sure, can I see your receipt?
Customer: I didn’t get a receipt, I paid cash!
Me: Even for a cash transaction, you would receive a receipt. It’s our policy to accept any item as a return, as long as we have a receipt and the price sticker is on the item. I don’t see a price sticker on this DVD either, so I would have no way to verify the amount to be refunded.
Me: (Thinking ‘So you could return them if there was any issue?’) It is our store’s policy to only do returns when a receipt is present, due to the fact that all of our items are used, and it would be possible to bring in almost any book or DVD and claim it had been bought at the store. I can’t issue a refund without a receipt.
Customer: *points at another employee who had just walked up to the counter* I bought it from her! I paid cash so I didn’t get a receipt.
Employee: *has heard some of what he’s said to me but is still confused* Cash transactions would still have a receipt? I’m sorry sir, I don’t remember every item from your purchase, it was several days ago, I don’t know what DVDs you bought.
*Customer continues to scream for another several minutes, then leaves, then comes back in to demand the owner’s phone number*
Me: Okay, so this is the number for (Corporate Office), and this is– *starting to explain that the owner’s name is under the number*
*Customer snatches paper from my hand, spotting the employee who didn’t remember his purchase. He starts to yell again while staring at her* DOES THIS EVEN HAVE A NAME? WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK TO?
Me:…It’s written on the paper.
Customer: Oh! Thank you! *smiles at me pleasantly like he hasn’t been screaming this whole time, and leaves*
Employee #1: I am so glad you were handling that, I get really angry when people yell at me. I guess it’s from being in the army.
Me: Oh, this is the second time in a week this guy has come in and yelled, so it’s hard for me to take it personally. He just loves to scream.
Employee #2: I definitely gave him a receipt?
Me: If it was from last month, he probably bought that on the buy 3 get 3 sale; he wanted to get a refund for the full price of the DVD instead of a half one, so he didn’t bring it on purpose. He thought if he was intimidating enough we’d do the refund just to make him stop.
Employee #1: …I’m even madder now.
Employee #2: I hope he does call (Owner’s Name), you know he doesn’t give a fuck.
*I make a note of the date/time/situation, in case the man does call the owner and he has any questions, but suspect that nothing will come of it*