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(I work at call center as a sales agent. I’m one minute from being able to log out of the computer, when a customer calls in)

Me: Thank you for calling (Work), this is (name), how may I assist you today?”
Customer: I bought this ring and i want to buy one for my friend now.
Me: “Okay, can you please verify your name and postal code for me?”
Customer: my what?
Me: *Quite sigh* your zip code.
Customer: My name is (name) and my zip code is (zip).
Me: okay let me pull up your account and look at your order history *as I’m searching, i notice nothing about that ring she is speaking of is not there, and she’s talking to me.*
Customer: you’re from here. Where are you from?
Me: I was born in Romania, lived in England for a few months, and also lived in New Zealand. (Of course i have an accent, so i get asked this almost every call. At this point I’ve been searching for a good five minutes, can’t get a word in edgewise, and I’d really love to just leave). Okay ma’am I’m not seeing anything that matches your description. Are you sure that you-”
Customer: *immediately starts getting irate, arguing with me that she ordered it from us, then proceeds to call me stupid and idiotic for not being able to find the mysterious ring, even though I’ve searched over and over again for ten minutes. This goes on for five more minutes of me trying to convince her that i have not found it.*
Customer: Oh S*it, i bought it from (other TV jewlery show company). Sorry! *She hung up, and i logged out right after that.*