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(I work at a popular fast-food chain, and this particular day I was working drive thru.)

Me: Welcome to [restaurant name]. How can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like two of the hamburgers that were a dollar. I’m not sure if they’re still a dollar, but they used to be.

I ring up two of our 89cent hamburgers and say: Yes ma’am, so I have two hamburgers? That will be $1.90 at the first window.

Customer: Wait, wait!

Me: Yes ma’am?

Customer: I’m not paying three dollars for two hamburgers.

Me: I’m sorry, I said the two hamburgers are $1.90. They’re 89 cents each, plus tax.

Customer: You know what, just forget it.

(The customer then drives off and flips me off as she is passing my window.)

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