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I worked at this store and Sundays are our busiest days. Register 8 also was our busiest register…the managers knew I hated working that register and usually never sent me down there, but this day I was working a nine hour shift at this register. We’re packed, I’ve got at least twelve people in my line, and I’m doing all I can to get them out quickly and make sure they’re happy. There’s a lady in my line boasting about how she just left from church and God is good and all this other stuff about how righteous and Christian she is. So this woman pushes forward and I start with my whole “Welcome to Walmart, I’m Andi. How are you?” She grunts an incoherent response and I start scanning her items. She’s got cleaning supplies, food, clothes– the woman has so much stuff it’s like she’s stocking up for the apocalypse. My baggy carousel is full, overflowing with bags; instead of putting her groceries in her buggy, she just stares at me and watches as I’m struggling to bag the rest of her stuff. A package of paper towels falls over, my hands are full as I’m trying to fit the last few items into a bag. She continues to stare. “Ma’am, your total is $174.52. Are you alright?” I say. She goes on a rant. “You are such a dumbass. Seriously, you must be fucking retarded!!” she yells. I start calmly putting her things in the buggy, since she isn’t doing it. “No wonder you’re stuck in a piss-poor job like this. Maybe next time you shouldn’t be so rude and disrespectful to your customers.” Confused, but not wanting to argue, I pick the paper towels up and put them in her buggy before grabbing the rest of her bags. “That’s right, you’d better pick my shit up. Learn how to do your job!” she swipes her card and pays, and I hold her receipt just out of her reach and smile. “Ma’am, I do know how to do my job. That’s why I’m here doing it and not you. My job is to scan your items, put them in a bag, and take your payment. I don’t have to put your stuff in the buggy for you. And I shouldn’t, it’s not mine. Besides, you don’t know me, I’m not stuck in this job and I’m not stupid. I’m a certifiable genius and I need money to pay for college. But I know you, and I know God…and your behavior is not something He would approve of. Have a blessed day.” The customers behind her burst out laughing and she storms off. The other customers started apologizing on her behalf and I just shrugged it off. “It’s not your place to apologize. Some people are just hateful and there ain’t no sorry for them”

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